Before you set another goal, read this

  • All of us have goals right?
  • We all want to achieve certain goals but, how many of us actually achieve those goals?
  • What’s the difference here? What is it that “X-Factor”, that motivates people or I should say keep people on the journey of achieving their goals?
  • And, who is the biggest enemy in this journey?
  • Before going to the element which makes us fulfil our goals, and stay connected to our goals, let’s first talk about that enemy. Because it’s intelligent to know your enemy before you jump into the fight.
  • That enemy is Procrastination. Yes, I know you have heard it so many times, and there is a reason why you have heard about it so many times.
  • Procrastination is a big problem for many people because it prevents them from taking action towards their goals. They delay even the basic steps. I have been there personally and honestly, I still find myself procrastinating sometimes.
  • So, the first reminder for you is “Procrastination is normal, it happens!” Instead of fighting with it and bashing yourself try finding out the root of your procrastination. It could be lack of clarity, fear of failure, fear of success, a lack of alignment with the work or anything else. It could even be some other areas of your life like relationships.
  • By addressing the root cause of procrastination, we can take steps towards achieving our goals and staying on track. You can get in touch with an expert or a life coach for that purpose, and if this is something you would like to try feel free to reach out.
  • And now let’s come to that one element which makes our goals irresistible. In my view, it’s emotions. If your goals are not fulfilling you emotionally, you might work for them, you might achieve them as well because there are other factors also that matter. Given that, the goals which satisfy you emotionally, contribute to your happiness. Emotions are a very neglected part of goal setting, but trust me, if you give them space, the craving for that emotion will push you towards your goals.
  • I will leave you here with this thought to contemplate, I hope you found it a useful read.
    Mentor Leena Wadhwa