Rick Warren once said ” We are not completely happy here because we are not supposed to be! Earth is not our final home; we were created for something much better” I wonder how he knew it! And if you successfully complete reading this blog dear reader, you will know it soon!
Far above the exosphere, lives God. God’s been there for eternity. And you were there too. But things there were much different. Much more perfect, much happier. When I say God, do not let humans’ tied imagination prevent you from imagining real God. It isn’t a human with hands holding various weapons or a human tied to the cross. These are maybe forms of it. But high above, when God is at its home, it’s in its truest form – Bright Projection Of Light. Maybe the brightest form of pure white light ever, so bright that you will be unable to open your eyelids in front of it. Even with your eyelids closed, the emission will trouble your pupils.
It lived there with its army of souls. Basically, they were God’s soldiers, created to support and become God’s army in war-like situations. Now a bit about the house of Gods and its army of souls, it was a perfect utopia. Each soul was too a smaller projection of light. You could feel no desires there because everything you could possibly desire was already there. No emotions other than happiness, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction could be felt in god’s utopia.
Everything was going fine there until God left utopia to go to its other home. We will talk about that other home sometime later but due to his absence, the utopia slowly started to disfunction. The air slowly started to fill with feelings of depression, anxiety, and sadness. The army of souls never felt this way before cause god’s force overpowered and undermined all such feelings and there was only radiation of happiness. Army of souls started to feel weak as their battery began to drain.
God returned soon and utopia was once again cherished, but something struck God. It realized that due to this army of souls having lived here in utopia from eternity, their batteries only get charged from this perfect atmosphere. If things are even slightly different from perfect, they feel unhappy and then they couldn’t work well. As the primary purpose of the army was to serve God in a war-like situation, god realized that due to their perfection=happiness formulae developed in the army, they would not able to work and fight well in a war.
As powerful spells could not be taken back, god was left with no other option but to create a world that is far far away from perfect. Which has injustices, gives all possible scopes of heartbreak, has millions of challenges. Basically, he created earth and humans. Inside each human, god placed a soul. While designing humans each organ was made with crucial thinking. The presence of each organ gives rise to problems and distress, with ears we can hear mean words by someone which can hurt us, and the absence of these organs, for example, being deaf, will result in even more distress.
God ensured that no human would be able to live a good life if they do not learn how to enjoy challenges. There is simply no alternative and no loophole in God’s plan! God planned that until each soul learns how to work and cherish challenges and imperfection, they will keep getting rebirth on this earth but when they master this art they would be welcomed back in their final home, the happy and perfect- God’s utopia.
The irony is, humans still being oblivious about their soul purpose go to projections of god they made, close their eyes and ask for favors. They ask god to make some small things in their life perfect or to solve one issue so that they can become happy, defeating the whole purpose of coming here!
Well, dear reader, If it may have escaped your notice, life isn’t fair, and neither it is supposed to be. But we, are supposed to fight each obstacle and rise with soul shining with happiness, pride, and kindness to serve( which are all are true soul virtues).

WRITTEN BY- Nandini Wadhwa