How Well You Know Your Child


You have friendly relation with your child.

You have an authoritative relationship with your child. Coach Leena Wadhwa offers you one free session.

#1. If you want your child to adopt a new habit

#2. If your child desires something he/she wants:

#3. If your child has pointed out something they don't like about you:

#4. How does decision making process goes with your kids:

#5. Do you take suggestions from them or their views regarding anything seriously?

#6. When you have talk with your kids, what do you generally talk about option 1 discussing relatives and their friends

#7. Do you at least give them 1 hour quality time per week?

#8. Do you feel you have enough space to express yourself with your kid ?

#9. Do you as a family sit down to have at least one meal together per day?

#10. How often do you argue with your kid?